About The Puppet Shows
"The children remained captivated in amazement and wonder throughout the show. You really "blew" everybody away with your unique talent, exceptional handmade puppets and scenery, incredible coordination and animated voices."
Dawn Bladzinski, Librarian, South River Library

The Introduction

We begin the puppet show with volunteers from the audience assisting in demonstrating the use of marrionettes, hand and rod puppets. Through short comedic skits and explanations, the exciting art of puppetry comes to life.

The Performance

Well known stories are performed with live voices, colorful puppets, changing scenery, lighting and suprising sound effects while engaging the audience to participate in the puppet show. This multi-media show entertains and captivates young audiences all happening as if by magic!


The Conclusion

Concluding the puppet show there is a behind the scences look at the workings of the show. The front of the stage comes off so all can see how I operate the music, lights, scenery and multiple puppets at one time.

"On behalf of the students and teachers of our school, we would like to say, THANK YOU for your splendid progam. We heard many favorable comments both in content as well as your performance. Bravo!"
Gerald P. Grasso: Principal, Cedar Grove Elementary School