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“Both the show’s message and presentation were outstanding! The students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed learning about the art of puppetry and how to make a positive difference in their communities by recycling and giving back to the earth.”
Van Holten Elementary School Mr. George A. Rauh Principal

"On behalf of the PTA, I would like to thank you for your enthusiastic, energetic and educative recycling puppet show, which captured the attention of every child and adult in the gym on that day."
Gloria P. Rego: Edward V. Walton School: PTA


giving tree litterbug puppet show


The Giving Tree &
The Selfish Litterbug Giant
Puppet Show
Length: 40 Minutes
Target Audience: Pre-K Through 5th Grade

Through the escapades of the Selfish Litterbug Giant students learn about the problems caused by litter. With their help during the puppet show he is finally encouraged to stop littering and reduce, reuse and recycle. The story "The Giving Tree" teaches a powerful message about the gift of nature and how we can give back and make a difference.

"Thank you for the marvelous show on "litter" you gave to our students. You held the children's attention right from the start sparkling their minds with the the pleasure of learning and experienceing new things."
James D. Washington: Principal: Chancellor Avenue School 


wizard of oz puppet show

No More Litter in Oz
Puppet Show
Length: 45 Minutes
Target Audience: Pre-K Through 5th Grade

Students learn the message of reducing, reusing and recycling through a new version of the well known Wizard Of Oz. Dorothy, a litterbug, lands in Oz only to be faced with a wicked litterbug witch who is trashing the kingdom. Dorothy and her friends the Tin Man, Scare Crow and Lion all work together to save Oz from litter. In the end she learns to care about the earth and goes home to Kansas never to litter again. 


"Thank you for caring about the earth and giving us fun filled learning entertainment. I've seen your wonderful productions for many years at our school and every time I get a laugh and new information. I love your puppets and you. Please come back next year."
A fan: JoAnn Onuska: Grade 5